Switzer Financial Group is a privately owned financial services & content business founded by Peter Switzer and Maureen Jordan.

At Switzer Financial Group, we strive to bring financial knowledge and stability to those who seek it through our financial advice business, Switzer Advisory and our educational content via Switzer Daily and the Switzer Report.



www.switzer.com.au — Find all your daily finance, economic and business news here.

www.switzerreport.com.au — A subscription-based newsletter that provides a succinct analysis of all the current financial trends straight to your inbox.

www.switzeradvisory.com.au — Our specialised team of financial advisors have successfully helped our clients create, manage and protect their wealth through many different investment cycles.



The Switzer Financial Group was founded by Peter Switzer and Maureen Jordan. A joint effort to inform the Australian public of financial matters whilst assisting them with personal investments and wealth management.



"All speakers provided quality content and explanations on their products. Peter, you were fantastic in Q&A sessions to bring balanced answers by the speakers." — Sonja Pfitz (Switzer Income Conference Melbourne 2018)