Highlights from the Switzer Income Conference 2018

in late November, we held our inaugural Switzer Income Conference 2018 in both Melbourne & Sydney.

The event hoped to aid our audience in providing options & directions for developing a range of incomes with low risk or downside. We had a diverse group of speakers such as Chris Joye of Smarter Money Investments, Adam Grotzinger from Neuberger Berman, Chris Yates of Beta Shares and Legg & Mason, James Mawhinney from IPO Wealth, Jamie McGeachie from Investors Central and a few more…

The highlights from the day were definitely the interesting Q&A sessions, where our audience got to forward any of their questions or concerns to a panel of speakers. Like with any group of people, opinions and perspectives differ so it offered a very balanced view of income options.

One lucky audience member won a lunch with Peter & Paul, where they can discuss their personal portfolios or investment goals.

Overall, it was a great day despite the downpour of rain and we look forward to doing it all again in 2019!

Claire Osman